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5 New Rules & Moves to Reduce 2016 Impact

USPS updates domestic Priority Mail rates for the first time in 3 years on January 17 While the United States Postal Service has not raised domestic Priority Mail rates since 2013, USPS remains a highly competitive player for B2C eCommerce transactions. Even though rates are increasing over 10% on average, there are strategies that will […]

CASE STUDY: Vasquez Coffee

San Francisco Roasted – Brewed from Coast to Coast Vasquez Coffee Saves on Shipping November 27, 2015 San Francisco Coffee Roaster Brews 3 Quick Tips to Save on Shipping Costs this Holiday Season Vasquez Coffee has provided fair trade organically grown coffee to the Bay area and coffee connoisseurs everywhere for the past 25 years! […]

Free Shipping: To Charge or not to Charge?

BY: HUNTER HARTMAN Have you ever added something to a shopping cart at an eCommerce platform website and abandoned the cart when you saw the exorbitant shipping cost? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. This is a recurring question for eCommerce merchants: “Should I offer free shipping? Perhaps, after a certain threshold?” I […]

Three Shipping Cost Considerations

Everyone wants to shave transportation costs; it’s one of the largest expenses coming out of the warehouse. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to simply cut costs without affecting other important aspects of the shipping process, not the least of which is customer satisfaction. This post will help you to take into consideration three factors to ensure cost […]

The Big Five Surcharges

By: Hunter Hartman Have you ever looked at your UPS or FedEx invoice and thought, “This can’t be correct, why are my shipping costs so high?” Based on the new dimensional rates that went into effect at the beginning of 2015 for UPS and FedEx, shippers should be looking at all options to assure their […]

The USPS: Shipping “Powerhouse”

Until fairly recently, when thinking of small parcel shipping, only two companies came to mind: UPS and FedEx. Thanks to years of high-profile marketing efforts and organizations built to manage an expanding e-commerce market, the Big Two often found only themselves competing against each other. Now, with an increased emphasis on customer service and technology, […]

You Decide?

Which factors are most important in determining how to ship a package? Is it cost? How about transit time? Does the size of the package matter? Destination? Weight? Carrier? How does customer preference factor into the decision? Utilizing a single-carrier model along with the appropriate platform to produce shipping labels for that particular carrier, which […]

Dimensional Fee Rate Increase!

We had the opportunity to visit a potential client the other day to discuss how to improve efficiency in the shipping process and implement a Least Cost Routing technology, which allows the client to produce the “right” shipping label for every package. Walking through the warehouse discussing the current process, we landed at the shipping stations […]