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Vasquez Coffee Saves on Shipping

November 27, 2015

San Francisco Coffee Roaster Brews 3 Quick Tips to Save on Shipping Costs this Holiday Season

Vasquez Coffee has provided fair trade organically grown coffee to the Bay area and coffee connoisseurs everywhere for the past 25 years! CEO Veronica Vasquez grew her business from a small startup to a full-service coffee roaster and distributor, caffeinating customers across the country. Appearing in over 500 offices and retail locations, coffee drinkers enjoy the bold flavors associated with Vasquez Coffee. Shipping freshly roasted coffee is a delicate balance of service level and cost and selecting the best carrier is essential.


  1. Utilize Flat Rate Boxes for Shipments to Hawaii – An easy money saver for fulfilling orders to Hawaii is to take advantage of USPS Flat Rate boxes. Quite a few pounds of coffee can fit into a medium or large Flat Rate Box, but regardless of total weight up to 70 lbs, the price remains constant. Move Method provides access to the lowest available Flat Rate pricing.
  2. Integrate Free Software to Quote USPS Rates & Print Labels – No need for post office runs when software can quote all USPS rates and print labels immediately. Today’s software packages can integrate with multiple eCommerce webstores to make order fulfillment smoother. Move Method provides free software that streamlines shipment processing.
  3. Compare USPS Priority Services to Standard Ground Services – Orders traveling across the country may reach customers more quickly and less costly with USPS than with standard ground carriers. Where ground carriers factor in box dimensions to raise prices, the USPS provides discounts for qualifying cubic shipments. Without the worry of accessorial fees and residential delivery charges associated with commercial carriers, the USPS can provide 25%-30% in savings on shipping costs.


Save on shipping costs this Holiday Season – Move Method is able to help eCommerce and local SF businesses cut shipping costs quickly and easily. Infographic below to summarize – reach out with questions to